As Aeschylus said, “appearances are a glimpse of the unseen” and, whether we like it or not, appearance does matter. Consequently, when it comes to selling your ebook it is imperative to accompany it with an eye-catching and attractive ebook cover in order to increase your sales, saving you both time and money in the long run. In this article, we will explore the ways in which a professional ebook cover can improve both the quality of your work and make increasing your sales much easier.

ec4cacae520a54888fad6e4929814d6f1. Make a good first impression

It is important to note the old adage that there’s no second chance to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, many people do judge books by their covers simply because they don’t have the time to read the material in depth before making a purchase. This is particularly true of the online market, since people who surf the web are often casual readers who jump from one website to the next. Therefore, without a good ebook cover that makes a lasting impression, it is unlikely that many will even consider buying the work.

2. Make your book memorable and eye-catching

An effective cover is a good way of guaranteeing that your book is memorable. It allows you to make use of various advertising techniques, such as appealing colours, images and slogans, in order to catch the reader’s eye and imprint upon his memory. In this way, the work is made to stand out as an aesthetically pleasing product that entices potential readers and buyers.

3. Create a “taster” for your book

A good cover can serve as an excellent “taster” or “teaser” of the overall work. It can capture the book’s contents, themes and key issues in just a few words and pictures, providing on-line browsers with an idea of the product that furthers their desire to purchase it.

4. Convince consumers to buy

In all of the above ways, great covers convince consumers to buy the product. This leads us onto the next advantage of a professional cover: the opportunity to increase your sales. Indeed, this is perhaps the principal reason to create a cover in the first place. Many are worried about the cost of having a cover professionally made, however it has been shown that doing so often increases the overall profit. This is due to the fact that a good cover guarantees a higher number of sales and therefore an increase in revenue . The money spent on having a cover professionally produced also seems to provide a greater motivation for most ebook writers to develop the quality of their work, since they have invested in it. This often improves the value of the overall product and therefore makes it more likely to sell. With our  Ebook Cover you can still have professional covers and cut the costs.

5. Increase your number of affiliates

good-books-gone-bad1In a similar way, covers can also increase your number of affiliates, since it makes your work more appealing to others who are unlikely to advertise the product if they find it boring or unappealing.

6. Save time and so improve the content of the work

Not only does an effective cover save you money, if you have one designed professionally you will also have more time to dedicate to the work itself. This further increases the quality of the product, since you can develop its content instead of worrying about producing a cover yourself.

7. Create a renewable investment

It is worth taking into account that a good cover is a long-term, renewable investment. You can adapt the cover over a collection of works, which allows you browsers to easily recognize your work. You will only need one professionally designed cover in order to create a branded-product that can be used for several books in the long term.

Overall, the benefits of having an ebook cover professionally designed greatly outweigh the singular disadvantage of the initial cost involved in doing so. Indeed, research shows that a good cover is essential to generating an attention-grabbing, high quality product that is much more likely to sell