Here we go. Where should I put my name as the book’s author and the title in the cover? You could ask like that. And you could think, also, that because they’re the main thing they have to stand out and be big.

You can do like that, but you’re risking to override all the rules we’re talking about in these posts. Secondly, the bigger is your name, the more you will appear as pompous and desperate for fame and glory.

Here below we put two examples of good Indie authors.

As you can see, the two covers respect fully what we’ve explained inside the posts, about colors, spaces and so on. If we resize them into thumbnails, on the cover on the left we’ll see just the “what” word and the picture, while on the cover on the right just the picture will be recognizable. That means, again, that the purpose of these covers is to convey the mood of the books.Apart from that, we can see clearly that the mood is not particularly interested in the words, in these cases, but pictures and spaces. The author’s name, your name, should be written in medium-small font size, almost always in the bottom part of the cover. In any case, if people will like your book will remember your name. Otherwise it will never happen.

Title can have more space and could be bigger, if it’s useful to do so. It just depends on what you want to convey with your cover. If you can create a title inside an image – but that could be seen as a thumbnail – it would be the best solution.