Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you some answers. Feel free to submit to us other questions you have.
Membership FAQs
Here the answers to common question about become a member
How can I pay my subscription?
There are two ways. The first one is with a Paypal account. You will receive to your e-mail the password to access the Creator tool. The second way is with a bank transfer. In this case you have to contact us to get your access. We will send you as soon as possible the login information.
Can I pay with Credit Card?
Unfortunately, not yet. Payments are only possible at this moment with Paypal or by bank transfer.
How can I check that everything is alright with my subscription?
To check it, go to the ‘My account’ menu, then click on Invoices. Verify that all your subscriptions to which you are interested have been Paid, and there is not any Pending Order status. You can also check it clicking on the Membership icon.
I paid my subscription but it doesn't allow me to work with everything. Why?
Probably the problem is about your correct login. Please contact us, we will solve it and write you back.
I like the Creator very much and want to share it with some friends of mine. How can I do it?
It’s very simple. In the bottom part of any page there are the links to our social network. Share the like to our page with your friends, or otherwise e-mail our website address to them.
Using the Creator FAQs
Here the answers to some common problem about the creator
How do I start?
The first thing to do is to choose your format. Meaning that you have to have an idea if you want to publish, first of all, a paper book or an e-book for ebook cover, or the size of your flyer, or otherwise the social network format for other tools.
Click on Settings, in the upper menu, to select it.
Once you have done this operation, you can start to make your image. First of all, it’s possible to choose between images that are already uploaded and others you can upload by yourself. You can browse the Themes carpet to look for an already existing illustration to modify, or otherwise start from ‘zero’ with your own ideas. You can find all the items to be selected in the upper, black menu.
To start with your own image, just choose a background picture, if you wish, and after that select or insert other shapes, images and texts, and personalize them as you desire. Be careful, there is not an auto-save option. So it’s better that every time you finish working on your project, go to File and click on Save. Any time you open the website, your project will appear in the board. If you are working on other projects, to open them just go on File and select Open. Once you have completed your cover or image, and you want the file to insert in your book, social network or to be printed, go on File and click on Export. It will take a while depending on the size of the file. When it finishes the work, you can download your JPEG image to use.
I'm lacking in ideas. Can I take some from you?
For sure. That’s why we have the “Themes” menu, on the upper left side of your screen. There you can find already created covers or images that you can use as starting points, or tips, for yours. Also, if you find something very intriguing that will fit perfectly your book, you can just let it be as it is, change only title and author, and the image is ready to use. Just be careful to choose a picture that fits the format you’re going to use.
Something doesn't work properly. Why?
It could depend on your browser. The supported browsers as up to date are: Firefox 2+ Safari 3+ Opera 9.64+ Chrome (all versions should work) IE9, IE10, IE11 If your browser has a lower version, we suggest you to update it. After that, everything should work. About any other problem on the usage not depending on your browser version, please inform us here.
I have created something, but I want to have a fresh start again. Can I?
Yes. Better save your project before, just in case you change your mind later on. After that, just go on File and select Clean. A new blank space will appear to start anew.
Can I change the format while working on a project?
Yes, you can. Just be careful of the changes inside the cover or the illustration.
When you change a format, you will change the size of your picture. Therefore many things can happen: your background image is too small, or too big, for the new size; one border is cut off, so some images are cut too; shapes or texts are scaled to match the new proportions.
These are examples, so every time you change the format, check that everything is in the proper place inside the borders. As for that, we suggest you choose your format only in the beginning, or when you have finished your cover and want to make, for example, a paper version of the same. Basically, do it as less as possible. One very important thing to remember is that before you change the format it’s better to save your project, so that you can export it later on. Otherwise your project will be overwritten.
How can I choose a background?
You can choose an already uploaded background or you can upload one of yours. In the first case, when you click inside the image board (the first time it’s a blank space), the borders will be marked in green. In the contextual toolbar will appear the options to use. “Background” allows you to select one image that is already uploaded. These images are configured to fit in every size and format. “Colour” allows you to select a plain colour, while “Textures” has many patterns one can use as background. You can change – or delete – anytime your background without losing any items you have put in your image. You can upload your own picture and make it as a background, but you have to be careful about the resolution. Usually background images have to be 1280×1080 at minimum. It can be that your image fits in one format and not another. Just check it out.
If you try to stretch your image to let it fit the borders, and doesn’t work, it will appear a message warning you that it’s impossible because the resolution is too low. In this case you have to find another image with a better resolution. As advice, we suggest to select images which weigh at least 1.5 MB. If you want to upload an image, be careful that is yours or is copyright-free (or commons) if you have downloaded it from the Internet.
Can I change features to many objects simultaneously?
Yes, select all the items you want to edit. It will appear one bigger square including all of them. You can then change size or opacity, or rotate them in the same directions, or even clone the whole group.
How can I change the levels of items I grouped together?
On the right side of the Contextual toolbar, there are many buttons for this use. Foward and Backward allow the object to change one level at the time. To the front and To the back allow the object go completely in the front or in the back.
How can I modify shapes, images and texts?
Once you have select the shape, image or text, you can edit them as you wish. It’s possible to modify the size and rotate the item just using your mouse on the little green squares that will appear once you have selected it. The eight ones around it are for the size, the one at the top is for rotating. More, it’s possible to change the color (or use a color picked up from another item, or using a texture or gradient), except for the images, and change the opacity, or put borders and shadows. About the texts, you can add them with one size but later on change it anytime you want, using the mouse or the options in the toolbar. Apart from the size, there are dozens of font types too. There’s the option to clone your item once you have made it. It’s very useful if you want to put repetitive or decorative graphic elements inside the cover.
How can I move many items simultaneously without affecting the other ones?
You just have to select the items you want to move keeping pressed the Shift key on your keyboard. Once you have selected them, you can release the button and move them.
I am not satisfied with the plain colors inside my objects. What can I do?
The plain colors are just a partial solution. There is a way to give more ‘movement’ to your objects, and it’s the use of gradients. Gradients are shades of color. Once are properly used, they can give very interesting effects, make the items more ‘alive’ or three dimensional. To do so, select the item, then click on Gradient and choose two different colors to make the shades. You can also change the direction the shade has to follow. There is a preview in the same window, ma the effect will appear in real time inside your object. If you want to make it even more three dimensional, you can add a shadow, too.
I can't move precisely my objects inside the image. Is there a solution?
Yes, there is. First of all, to move objects in a precise way, activate the Grid – in the upper menu. This option is useful to make balanced and / or symmetric covers or images. Then, it’s not mandatory to use the mouse to move objects inside the cover. When you have selected your items, you can move them by the arrow keys of your keyboard. The items will change position almost pixel by pixel.
I like a color inside an image. Can I use it for my text or shape?
Yes. Go on the right side of the Contextual toolbar and click on the “Pick a color from the canvas” button. Then click on the part of the image from which you would like to pick the color. Once you have done it, on the right side of the button will appear the same color. Then, select the item you want to change the color and select the color you have picked up. It will be transferred to your object.
My text, shape or item disappeared behind another object. How can I select it again?
It’s very simple. It would be a waste of time to move everything, lose the objects position just to find something behind. Better, the solution is to go to the Contextual toolbar. On the right, there is a button called “Deselect”. Click on it and your lost item will appear again. After that you just have to select it with your mouse.
I paid my subscription, but I'm not allowed to export any cover. Why?
It’s possible that your order is not processed yet. To check if this is the case, go to the ‘My account’ menu, and click on Invoices. Check the Order status. If it’s written Pending (in red), it means that the payment has not been completed yet. In this case, the Creator will not allow you to export your cover. Just in case you have already made the payment and there is still a Pending process, please contact us with the invoice number to give you a solution.
How can I know my book cover is good for an on-line book store?
Usually stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, among others, present just a miniaturized image of your cover. Meaning that your cover has to have few, big and clear items on it. To see what a normal customer will see inside a store of your cover, before exporting it, zoom it out as much as possible. The result will be the thumbnail that will appear on stores. If you see everything clear, then it’s fine. Otherwise some modifications are necessary.